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Westworld really took the world by storm when it was released by HBO back in October of 2016. It was just a year after that West Sluts got up and running – the unofficial porn parody game themed around the title. I haven't actually had the pleasure of playing this one yet, but the great news is that it's up for review and I'm the person that's going to be going over exactly what it has to offer. Will this game deliver the goods or fall short of all expectations? Read on for my complete review and I'll tell you once I'm doing giving it the once over!

First impressions on West Sluts

West Sluts has a nice member's area and I was quite impressed with just how quickly I could log into the platform after signing up. Note that you're able to play West Sluts in your browser if you really want, but the graphics are limited to 720p and 30 FPS – not ideal. This isn't a choice by the developers, though: it's just that modern browsers can't really run top-tier games without having their own executable. The good news is that if you want to download the game, it's just 5 GB and the servers will cap out at 20 MB/s or more – that's what they managed when I downloaded West Sluts, anyway.

Gameplay and graphics of West Sluts

Naturally, the thing that's going to make our break our experience at West Sluts is the general graphical quality of what's on offer here. I'm actually quite happy with the general visual appeal here – they certainly know how to put together a fantastic porn game. I know this sounds silly, but the towns you'll come across are incredibly accurate and have the same type of layout and theme that you'll see in Westworld. It's truly amazing to come across a parody porn game that nails the look and feel of the original title so well. Oh and yes – the sex is fantastic. There are dozens of NPCs for you to fuck and you'll have the ability to do so after completing various quests and just being a general badass. A nice feature is that after engaging in a particular sex scene with an NPC, it'll be unlocked in your 'media' tab on the main menu, meaning you can always go back and relive the experience again if you want a quick jerk.

Conclusion on West Sluts

Okay folks – I'm just about done here with my review on West Sluts. I think you can probably work out that I'm very much a fan of what's going on here and would fully recommend the project to anyone who's looking for some great porn gaming action. It's not often you find parodies that execute to this level, but yeah – West Sluts did exactly that. Since signing up is free, to me, it seems like a no-brainer to at least try out the web-based version. The choice is ultimately yours, but that doesn't mean you can't make the wrong one by choosing to avoid West Sluts! Thanks for reading either way: your company has been appreciated. Now get jerking off, you horny gamer.

Review Pros

  • Great download speeds
  • Browser gameplay available
  • Accurate artwork parody

Review Cons

  • Just one game
  • English only

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