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Hello there friends – welcome to my review here today on a platform by the name of Violent Sex Games. As I'm sure you can probably figure out by the title, this isn't the type of place you want to visit if you don't have a strong heart. The entire purpose of this hub is to expose you to the vilest, extreme and degrading forms of sex known to man. Sounds pretty fucking cool if you ask me! Anyhow, I'm interested to find out whether or not the interior experience here is a good one or something to avoid. If you'd like to know for yourself, continue reading and I'll give you my full thoughts and analysis on ViolentSexGames.

First thoughts on ViolentSexGames

So from the get go, ViolentSexGames was giving me good vibes. The process of creating an account and logging in was incredibly streamlined – it'll take you just 30 seconds from start to finish. You're required to provide a password and an email address – that's it! Once inside, you'll then have the ability to pick whether or not you want to download the collection of ViolentSexGames to your computer (done via a launcher, available for Windows and MacOS) or simply play them straight from your browser. According to the FAQ, the only real difference is that browser versions of the titles at ViolentSexGames are limited to 30 FPS, whereas the downloads will support up to 144. Seems a little weird if you ask me – I stuck with the browser choice, since that seemed to be the most convenient.

Choices at Violent Games

At the time of writing this review at the start of 2020,ViolentSexGames was sitting on a cool collection of just over 24 unique porn games, all of which are produced in-house and kept up to date by the development team. I can say with a high degree of certainty that the gang here also plan to publish more great titles over the next 6 months – they've got the demos to prove it! Now sadly, since I'm only planning to be inside Violent Games for 2 hours at most, I'm going to have to streamline my gaming experience. For the purposes of this review, I'll pick out 5 games that I liked the look of, play them for a bit and then report back how I felt about them. Let me just go and do that right now!

Overall analysis of titles from Violent Games

So, two hours later – how did I feel ViolentSexGames did? Overall, I was incredibly happy with my experience here and all but 1 of the games I played were pretty much flawless. I'd say that the best feature of ViolentSexGames is the simple fact that they've got a decent grasp on the quality game – you'll realize immediately that they care very much about offering games with stellar graphics. I also liked the fact that they have a number of genres, and don't skip on the rough stuff.

Addicts of BDSM are going to feel right at home here – you'll be spanking whores, ass fucking bitches and dominating sluts all over the place. It's a terrific time to be alive if you're a sadistic dude who loves porn games, that's for sure.

Bonus videos from Violent Games

If you though these folks only dealt with video games, think again! Turns out that your membership also entitles you to access over 500 top-tier XXX videos from a range of different studios. These aren't exclusive, but you can watch them all in full 1080p HD resolutions – just what we like to see! ViolentSexGames only lets us down with the simple fact that you can't download them, but since these clips are coming to you free of charge, it's hardly the end of the world, is it?

My conclusion on ViolentSexGames

Right then – that's just about everything I wanted to discuss here on ViolentSexGames. I'm confident that the experience I had will be similar for many other people reading this, and I have a genuine, good-faith belief that this is one of the hottest hubs online for BDSM addicts to get enjoyable games on their computer. The bottom line here is that if you're a hardcore gamer who's into rough stuff, ViolentSexGames delivers what you desire. As always, I'd like to thank you for reading – be sure to come back any time you need expert advice on the top platforms around for horny gamer fun. Take care and have a great jerking session!

Review Pros

  • Full browser compatibility
  • Free bonus videos
  • Easy navigation tools

Review Cons

  • Cannot download videos
  • English only

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