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Hello friends and welcome to my review on Sex Simulator. If you're new to this website, let me explain a little about what we do. See, instead of publishing our own XXX games, our task is to search the Internet for the best of the best produced by third parties. You'll notice from the get go that we only focus on the finest places for your gaming entertainment – if it's not good, it doesn't get suggested! Now with specific regard to SexSimulator: I've looked at the tour and it seems fantastic, but let's not judge a book by its cover. Continue reading and I'll give you my full thoughts and analysis on the gaming experience that's available here!

First impressions of Sex Simulator

From start to finish, the process of signing up and logging in took me about 30 seconds. All you need to provide is an email address and a password – that's it. Hell, they're even offering free access as of the beginning of 2020 owing to the fact that their game is still technically in beta – that's a pretty solid deal if you ask me! Now after signing up, you'll be asked whether or not you want to play the browser version of SexSimulator or alternatively, you'll be offered a downloadable launcher if you'd prefer to keep the files locally. There aren't too many differences between the two options, although the browser edition is called at 1080p and 30 FPS – most people won't see this as being an issue, but if you're on a 4K monitor or you just love high frame rates, you might want to download the game instead. Both Mac and Windows clients are available too, so 99% of readers will be able to play from their PC instead of their browser if they so desire.

Trying out Sex Simulator

When you load up SexSimulator for the first time, you'll be asked to pick a plot and scene. There are 30 at the moment, but it seems a few are added every single month to spice things up. What are plot and scenes, exactly? Well, you'll decide what the prelude to the sex you're about to see is. You'll find stuff like meeting a stranger at a club, having sexy chats with a Tinder broad, being home alone with your step sister and that type of thing. It basically sets the tone of the sex and provides a little bit of a backstory to the fucking that's going on. Once you've picked a scene, go ahead and select the characters to take part or, alternatively, design one yourself. This is perhaps my favorite feature at Sex Simulator.

Designing characters at Sex Simulator

So Sex Simulator allows you to custom create your own fuck dolls – really cool! You'll have control over 80 or so different characteristics on the models, including their facial structure, hair length, waist width, toe nail polish color, asshole shade, pussy lip shape and so on. You can literally design the perfect woman using this feature, or use the preprogrammed ladies if you'd prefer to leave that type of thing to the developers. They've also got some celebrities and pornstars here that you can select, including Kim Kardashian, Lucy Doll, Asa Akira, Taylor Swift and Megan Rain – stellar stuff if you ask me.

The fucking from Sex Simulator

When it's finally time to fuck, you've got a lot of control over what the characters do. The most obvious thing to fiddle around with is the positions – what I loved was the fact that the characters actually transition naturally from one sex move to another: hot stuff! Sex Simulator also allows you to control the pace of the sex, the personality of the people involved (passive, aggressive, loving, sex addict, etc.) and even the voice packs attached to them. There's also a 'cum cam' feature that I'll let you discover and play around with yourself: that thing is fucking fantastic!

My closing remarks on Sex Simulator

So when all is said and done, how do I feel that SexSimulator did? Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if anyone reading this had a similar experience as me and absolutely adored what went on in SexSimulator. I had a whale of a time here – the game feels fully developed, even though it's still in beta and hasn't officially launched yet. For a free title, I can't see how you can go wrong with SexSimulator. So much customization and control will make you feel like you're a porn director, plus you get to fuck your idea of the perfect woman! Bottom line: definitely visit the tour of SexSimulator and if you like the preview, sign up and enjoy the full product. Thanks for reading and happy squeezing!

Review Pros

  • Fantastic game graphics
  • Customize all characters
  • Multiple plots available

Review Cons

  • Just one game
  • Still in beta

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