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VR Fuck Dolls review

Hello there! Welcome to my expert review platform. If you're new – you're in for a real treat. See, our mission here is to uncover the greatest places around for people to visit if they're hunting for the finest XXX gaming entertainment around. We're very lucky in the modern era to have a whole host of possible places to enjoy some sexy playable action, so the question is – does VR Fuck Dolls deliver on its promises? The tour certainly looks nice, but to truly understand what's going on here, I'm going to have to sign up for a full, thorough and high IQ analysis. Keep reading and I'll tell you all you need to know about VR Fuck Dolls.

First impressions of VR Fuck Dolls

From the get go, I was pleased with the fact that VR Fuck Dolls gives you the ability to log up and sign in using just your email address and password – talk about efficient. I'd say that the whole process from start to finish took me about 30 seconds, which is pretty damn cool – especially in circumstances where you're really horny and just want to get gaming as quickly as possible. As for the game itself, you'll actually have to grab a launcher for this, since the files are so big and can't really be provided over a browser. The good news is that both Mac and Windows operating systems are able to run things here, so if you're someone that uses an operating system 99% of people do, you'll be in luck and have absolutely no issues grabbing the goods.

The download and gameplay of VR Fuck Dolls

In terms of download speeds, I can say with confidence that this place beats most of the competitive services. I'm on a 150 Mb/s connection and yeah – I was able to grab the files with the VR Fuck Dolls server completely saturating my network. Impressive stuff, especially since you've got to remember that this is a porn game after all! The total amount downloaded was around 6 GB, but once unpacked, VR Fuck Dolls was around 14 GB all up on my hard drive. Note that compatibility is offered for all major headsets, so whether you're on Vive, Rift or something else entirely, you'll have no issues enjoying the virtual reality goodies provided here.

Cool features of VR Fuck Dolls

After connecting your device and loading up the title for the very first time, you'll have a quick automatic optimization procedure that provides the best FPS and resolution combination for whatever it is you're running VR Fuck Dolls through. This is pretty cool, since there's no point trying to force extra frames and pixels into a headset that isn't capable of doing it! As for the gameplay – well, it's simply remarkable. I think we're finally getting to the point where men will just be jerking themselves off while using VR headsets instead of bothering to have actual relationships. The quality of the graphics here were simply incredible and yeah – I'm more than happy to put my seal of approval of the visuals provided by VR Fuck Dolls. You can even customize the characters and design the perfect woman for you to fuck: high levels of interaction and editing is something that I'll never get tired of!

Bonus VR Fuck Dolls sex videos

Although the videos hosted here at VR Fuck Dolls aren't exclusive, they're virtual reality ready and really quite awesome. They seem to have outsourced the production of these to a third-party and in these scenes, you'll find some of the hottest pornstars from around the block who'll make you feel like they're really there while you fuck them. VR Fuck Dolls currently has just over 200 scenes and adds a new one on a daily basis. With lengths averaging around 40 minutes, you can't go wrong with this as a little extra.

Conclusion on VR Fuck Dolls

So yeah – how do I feel about VR Fuck Dolls in the grand scheme of things? Pretty damn happy, to be honest with you. I thought that the experience was going to be good, but I didn't quite imagine that it would reach the levels that it did. I think that anyone with a headset and a good head on his shoulders would have an absolute field day over at VR Fuck Dolls. Their virtual reality porn game is one of the hottest on the market right now and because of that, I'm going to recommend that you check it out. Anyway folks – thanks for reading. Be sure to have a great time enjoying the best VR porn entertainment offered by VR Fuck Dolls. Peace and love, as always.

Review Pros

  • Speedy download servers
  • Bonus VR videos
  • Fantastic rendering engine

Review Cons

  • No Linux support
  • English only

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