Dick Dolls review

Hello there – welcome to today's review! I'm going to be looking at a project by the name of Dick Dolls today, which appears to be targeting men who're heavily interested in the pursuit of games featuring chicks with hot cocks. The tour looks great from what I've seen, but you ought to be careful with judging a book by its cover! I'm interested to see what's going on inside and, more importantly, whether or not Dick Dolls is a game that I can recommend everyone out there plays. With our goal in mind and a place to do it – let's get our asses over to Dick Dolls now and take this baby for a ride, shall we?

Dick Dolls interior explored

Dick Dolls first launched in July of 2019, so it's a fairly recent project compared to a lot of other adult video game projects on the market right now. According to their 'news' section, patches are released twice a month and new content is generally added once every 2 months – quite cool if you ask me. You've got the ability to download the game for local enjoyable for Windows machines (sorry, no Mac version just yet) or alternatively, you can load up Dick Dolls directly through your browser, which also supports mobile gamers – sweet! There are no real differences between the web version and the download, except that the latter supports 4K resolutions, whereas the former doesn't.

Playing Dick Dolls

After loading up Dick Dolls, you'll be prompted to go ahead and create your perfect fuck buddy. Lots of options are available here – you've literally got full control over every inch of the body. We're talking about her hair length, tit size, cock girth, asshole shade, toe nail polish color and so on. Over 50 different sliders are provided by Dick Dolls to control various things: let's just say that you've got a lot of options to work with! The simulation is great too: lots of positions to fiddle around with, as well as pace controls, mood settings and voice options. It's a fantastic transsexual fucking simulation game, that's for sure.

Bonus videos at Dick Dolls

The free shemale sex simulation tool is cool, but Dick Dolls also has a collection of 1,500+ HD shemale sex videos for you to enjoy. These are full-length and come from a number of third-party producers, all of whom allow you to download their goodies in 1080p HD formats if you so desire. Dick Dolls has super quick download servers too, so you'll be grabbing these uploads in a matter of minutes if you so desire.

Final thoughts on Dick Dolls

Look, friend: if you're a shemale lover and you want to enjoy fucking one of them in a game, Dick Dolls is the project for you. The game here is a major success as far as I'm concerned – with great graphics, lots of customization and sexy transsexual fucking, you just can't go wrong. Bottom line: if you're in the market for a sex simulation game with the hottest traps, shemales and sissies around, take a little look at Dick Dolls now. Free to play and awesome to play too – what's not to love?

Review Pros

  • Play in browser
  • Bonus HD videos
  • Great community forums

Review Cons

  • Just one game
  • Still in beta

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