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Gay Simulator review

Fancy simulating the very best gay sex known to man? Think you've got what it takes to direct an all-male fucking session like a professional pornographer? Well, today's the day we get to put your skills to the test! I'm going to be venturing on over to a little XXX title by the name of Gay Simulator and, as you can probably tell from the title, it's all about seeing what skills you've got in the domain of hot, horny man on man action. So without further ado, let's fire up our browsers and see what the deal is here at Gay Simulator – I'm excited!

Initial impressions of Gay Simulator

From start to finish, creating a free account with Gay Simulator took me around 60 seconds: I was amazed by how streamlined the entire process was. You literally only need a username, password and email address to get access to the game, which is what I think all modern places should request whenever you're joining them. As things currently stand, Gay Simulator has a downloadable client for Mac and Windows machines, although if you'd prefer, it's also possible to play the game entirely through your browser. The only 'issue' here is that the FPS is capped at 30 FPS and your resolution can't go over 1080p. If you want a 4K experience with Gay Simulator, you're going to have to download it instead! Thankfully, the servers here are lightning fast, so it's easy as pie to get the local version up and running.

Playing Gay Simulator

You'll be prompted to create some characters when you load up Gay Simulator for the first time, although you can actually just go ahead and use 30 of the pre-programmed models if you want the developers to do the hard work for you. I would recommend that you at least consider trying to customize a character for yourself, since you've got so many different options to fiddle with and it's actually quite a fun experience. Anyway, after you've picked the 1-4 men that you want to appear in your simulation, load it up and get playing! You'll have over 40 different positions to pick from here, as well as controls for things such as pace, lighting levels, location and so on. There's even a special 'cumshot camera' feature that you absolutely must try: I've never seen jizz look so realistic in a video game before! Suffice to say that Gay Simulator is taking all-male fucking to the next level.

Conclusion on Gay Simulator

Look: the question of whether or not to join here is one that has an easy answer – absolutely! Any self-respecting gay stud out there who loves gaming will want to try this puppy out, simply because it's such a great way to enjoy man on man erotic entertainment. I've long been of the opinion that sex simulation tools are fun as fuck and well, let's just say that Gay Simulator is one of the best I've ever tried. To cut a long story short – get your gay ass over to this website today, sign up for a free account and let the games begin.

Review Pros

  • Fantastic graphics
  • Cumshot camera
  • Fast download speeds

Review Cons

  • Just one game
  • Still in beta

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