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Hello there my good friends! Welcome back to yet another review here on our world-class platform for people who love XXX fun. Today, I'm going to be spending some time going over a destination by the name of Sex Emulator. It claims to offer you the best interactive erotic gaming experience known to man – how will it actually perform when put to the test, though? To find out, I'm going to be writing up a full review and analysis on this particular project. So let's get down to business and waste no time: I'm excited to see what Sex Emulator has to offer and whether or not the juice is worth the squeeze!

Initial impressions of SexEmulator

So the first thing I want to mention about Sex Emulator is the fact that currently, while the game is in beta, you'll be able to sign up and log in without paying anything. What's more, the whole process only requires a username and password – once you've provided that, you're going to go! Note that Sex Emulator currently has the ability for you to play the game through your browser or, alternatively, you can download a launcher for Windows and Mac operating systems. The key differences between these two approaches is the fact that the browser edition only allows for 30 FPS and 1080p gaming – the download will go up to 4K and 144 FPS: impressive to say the very least. Unpacked, the game weighed in at just over 5 GB – the download servers also capped out my connection at 18 MB/s – speedy is an understatement.

What SexEmulator is actually about

After you load up the game for the first time, you'll be prompted to go ahead and pick a scene. There are currently 35 loaded into the game and the basic premise of these is that you're selecting the plot for the sex to be emulated around. This includes concepts such as a mom and son going on a holiday together, after-hours high school friends exploring classrooms together, picking up a hot girl at the bar and that type of thing. New ones are added here on a monthly basis, so be sure to check back every so often and enjoy a new approach to the erotic bliss that evolves here. After you've picked the location and plot, you'll then have the ability to custom design your own characters – this is my favorite element of Sex Emulator.

Designing characters at SexEmulator

You have around 60 different sliders and buttons to fiddle with at Sex Emulator, all of which will help you craft the perfect fucking machine. Things you'll be able to control include height, body shape, breast size, leg length, asshole shade, nipple type and so on. It's actually really cool how much functional control you have over the characters in Sex Emulator. If you're not too sure on sitting around for several minutes using the custom feature, feel free to use one of the multiple preprogrammed characters that Sex Emulator has provided. They've even got a few pornstars here, so if you feel like fucking Alexis Texas, Sasha Grey, Janice Griffith or another world-class broad, go right ahead.

Simulation control and more from Sex Emulator

When the simulation finally loads up, you'll have the ability to control so much of the action that develops thereafter. The most important thing here is position – I counted around 25 in total, with more available during group sessions and solo play. Sex Emulator also has a nice speed control setting as well as a mood option, so if you feel like making the scene incredibly romantic or all-out whorish, it's an absolute cake walk to do exactly that. There are also 4 different camera angles to pick from in all of the various scenes, with custom control available to move up/down and in/out. Suffice to say that the level of power you have over dictating the scene is truly remarkable – stellar stuff.

Conclusion on Sex Emulator

Look folks – I don't think there's much else I need to say here on the topic of Sex Emulator. What was delivered blew my mind and I'm confident that you're going to feel exactly the same way that I do. It's actually a struggle to think up some reasons why you wouldn't join here, since so much of what's on offer is enjoyable, fun and above all else, perfect for assisting you in your daily masturbation sessions. Since signing up is currently free, my advice is to grab an account and play the web version. My experience far exceeded my expectations and I'm confident yours will too! Anyway, thanks for reading and happy squeezing.

Review Pros

  • Great quality game
  • Lots of customization
  • Fuck your favorite pornstar

Review Cons

  • Just one game
  • No Linux download

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