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Howdy folks and welcome! I'm your resident reviewer here and today, I'm going to be going ahead and looking at what Monster Games has to offer as an XXX gaming platform. For those who aren't aware, our website is devoted to uncovering the very best pornographic gaming destinations so that you don't have to risk signing up to a spot that doesn't deliver the goods. Are you interested in learning what MonsterSexGames has to offer and if it's any good? Well then – it'd be in your best interests to continue reading for my complete, thorough review on their project!

Initial reaction to Monster Games

Signing up requires just an email address and password – once you've provided that and confirmed your age (remember guys, only horny gamers who are 18 or older can play here) you'll be able to pick from a huge suite of games that these guys have developed. MonsterSexGames actually launched back in August of 2017, so they've had a decent amount of time to refine their platform and publish great titles. To date, they've managed to pump out 22 full monster-themed pornography games. Sounds pretty decent if you ask me! Now you can enjoy these straight from your browser (Chrome, Firefox and Edge are supported) or alternatively, download the launcher for Windows machines. It's interesting because just 5 days before writing this review, MonsterSexGames released a MacOS option. The only people who're missing out are Linux lovers, but if you're on one of those operating systems, you've got more to worry about than fantasy XXX gaming compatibility.

Trying some Monster Games out

Monster exGames is, by all accounts, a fun place to enjoy some erotic fun. How do I know this? Well, I just set aside 2 full hours to try out their gaming collection. I'll be honest with you: I only ended up playing 6 out of the 22 available releases, but I think this is a reasonable representative sample and yeah – things were great. I've always been a fan of great visual quality and I'm pleased to report that MonsterSexGames had all of their games support my 1080p monitor. Things looked fantastic – long gone are the days of porn games being just some crappy Flash thing that you play for 10 minutes. The details on some of these creatures were truly remarkable – it's crazy how good you can make a troll, goblin and orc look when you put effort into it. Speaking of which, I loved the massive array of characters that they had available here.

Practically every monster from every TV show, comic book and video game has been accounted for somewhere here. They've even got aliens, which technically aren't monsters in the strictest sense, but if that's going to put you off your jerking session, I think you're probably taking this whole thing a little bit too seriously.

Bonus renders and hentai at Monster Sex Games

If you enjoyed the games but you want to enjoy something a little less interactive, feel free to go ahead and click on the 'media' section at MonsterSexGames. What you'll find here is a full suite of videos and images themed around monsters. Turns out that the 60 or so clips are completely exclusive to the platform: they have an in-house developer that puts these scenes together so you can really enjoy something special. The images are doujinshi style and lots have a hentai twist – these I can guarantee are loaded in from a third-party source. Not that it matters though, right? As long as you're getting your daily dose of hardcore monster games, there's literally nothing to worry about.

My final thoughts on Monster Games

As a whole, I think the platform does a stellar job of providing you with a fantastic place to enjoy top-tier XXX fun that centers on monsters, wicked beasts and the rest. I'm confident that any horny gamer reading this who loves the idea of playing XXX releases that feature mythical beings is going to love what they find inside Monster Games. Additionally, I want to stress that joining here for the time and being is completely free of charge. I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually started charging for access though, since their games are some of the best I've come across and the community cannot get enough of them. Anyway – that's basically all from me, gang. I'd like to thank you for coming along and yeah: let's just hope that your time spent inside MonsterSexGames is as enjoyable as mine was. Peace and love!

Review Pros

  • Lots of monster games
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Regular patch updates

Review Cons

  • Some adverts
  • No Linux support

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