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World of Whorecraft review

Hello there friends and welcome to our website devoted to the best XXX gaming destinations the Internet has to offer. If you're new here, you're in for a real big treat: especially if you're a horny gamer that wants nothing more than to enjoy some top-tier gaming entertainment. I'm set to write up a review on World of Whorecraft and by all accounts, it's a stellar hub for anyone who's keen to enjoy the latest and greatest parody content themed around the hit MMORPG. WoW was a classic, but how will World of Whorecraft shape up? To find out, continue reading – I'll give you my full thoughts and analysis.

First impressions of World of Whorecraft

Turns out that signing up and logging into World of Whorecraft are an absolute breeze. Horny gamers these days are always busy and wanting to get down to business as quickly as possible: it's good that World of Whorecraft helps in this regard. From start to finish, getting inside took me about 60 seconds – from there, you can go right ahead and download the game! Mac OS and Windows both have clients, although sadly, Linux isn't currently supported. The download size is around 8 GB but once unpacked, you'll have around 14 GB of data on your hard drive. It's not as big as the original, but that doesn't mean it won't be as good!

Impressions playing World of Whorecraft

So yeah, World of Whorecraft is a pretty decent game, all things considered. I ended up playing it for around an hour before eventually deciding it was time to draft up this review. What I really liked about the game was that you have a bunch of different starting areas and characters to play as – you'll even pick Alliance or Horde! There are quests to do, although instead of being gifted a shitty pair of boots for completing them, you'll have the ability to fuck the NPC instead. All of your favorite Warcraft races are here, so if you like the idea of smashing various types of people across the continent, you'll have little issue doing so. Graphically, I'd say that World of Whorecraft is slightly better than the original – it certainly feels a bit more modern when it comes to the interface. There are dungeons to run, bosses to kill and gears to craft, by the way – this is full MMORPG, it's just sexier than most.

Conclusion on World of Whorecraft

Okay folks: that's pretty much everything that I have to say on the topic of World of Whorecraft. If you've made it this far, I'd like to thank you for tuning in and checking out what I have to say about this particular project. As you can probably tell, I'm a big fan of what World of Whorecraft has to offer and if you're like me, this is going to be something you'll enjoy – that's without a shadow of a doubt! Definitely take a look at the tour and preview content: if it gets your cock a little hard, consider signing up and grabbing full access to the member's area. Anyway, that's it from me. Cheers for dropping by and have a great time over at World of Whorecraft.

Review Pros

  • Accurate parody artwork
  • Fully developed MMORPG
  • Great game guide

Review Cons

  • No Linux support
  • Slow to patch

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