The Game of Bone

The Game of Bone review

Everyone loved Game of Thrones (except the last season – that sucked and I'm sure you'll agree with me) and everyone loved the fact that there was so much hot sex featured in it – today, I'm going to look at a gaming project that focuses on the erotic side of GoT. It goes by the name 'The Game of Bone' and from what I can piece together, it really does look like a terrific title. Trouble is, you should never judge something until you've actually played it – so that's what I'm going to do today! If you'd like to know how my experience at The Game of Bone went down, continue reading and I'll give you my full thoughts and analysis.

First impressions of The Game of Bone

Okay folks – let's begin here with me pointing out that since The Game of Bone is in beta, signing up is completely free of charge. Once inside, you'll have the choice of playing this game locally (downloads available for Mac and Windows) or alternatively, just having it run straight in the browser. In terms of differences, the web-based client is currently limited to 960p and 30 FPS – you'll have to grab the download if you want to enjoy The Game of Bone in 4K and 144 FPS. Note that the website here does have a full game Wiki, so if you find yourself getting stuck or confused about a certain mechanic, take a look there for information on how to fix your problem.

Playing The Game of Bone

When you first load up The Game of Bone, you'll have the choice of picking 5 different characters to play as (4 male, 1 female). Depending on your choice, you'll be spawned into a different part of the game world with various quests to engage with and NPCs to pleasure. Note that The Game of Bone features all of your favorite sexy sluts from Game of Thrones, including Margaery Tyrell, Missandei, Daenerys Targaryen and Doreah. I have to say that the rendering of these characters is incredibly accurate based on the TV series – I've never quite seen graphical greatness this decent that directly relates to Game of Thrones. Anyone that has a genuine interest in keeping the game as 'true to life' as possible will be jerking off non-stop to the accuracy of these models, that's for sure!

My conclusion on The Game of Bone

As far as parody porn games go, this is one of the better options I've seen available on the Internet. The Game of Bone does a stand-up job of providing you with a fun place to enjoy the very best XXX entertainment starring your favorite GoT characters. The graphics are great, you can play the game in your browser and as mentioned earlier, it's possible to sign up right now without paying anything for the pleasure. My final verdict: it just makes sense to sign up and log into The Game of Bone! Thanks for reading and have a great time squeezing over this erotic, saucy Game of Thrones porn parody title.

Review Pros

  • Great model rendering
  • Browser version available
  • Mac and Windows downloads

Review Cons

  • No Linux support
  • No voice acting

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