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Hello my friends – it's a real pleasure to be back here, yet again, to bring you the hottest reviews on the greatest spots the Internet has to offer for horny gamers. This afternoon, I'm going to be spending a decent chunk of time exploring a platform by the name of FreeSexGames. With any luck, it'll deliver what it claims and I'll be able to recommend it for you to visit and join. I don't want to get ahead of myself here though, so how about I take this website for a test drive and see whether or not it's got the goods? Read on down below for my full thoughts and feelings on Free Games!

Initial impression of Free Games

The first thing I want to mention is the speed at which you're able to get inside this XXX gaming hub: from start to finish it took me about 60 seconds, which is speedy as hell. All you need to join this free gaming community is a username, password and email address: doesn't get much easier than that now, does it? Once inside, you'll see that all of the games offered here are played in your browser – no download is required! According to their FAQ section, they currently guarantee compatibility with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Edge: I think that just about covers 99.9% of the porn gaming population, so no worries on that front. Some commendation also has to be given to the interior design here: Free Games looks fantastic. Navigation is a breeze and accessing the games you want couldn't be easier.

The games at FreeSexGames

Naturally, since we've joined a place called FreeSexGames, I should devote a little bit of attention toward what's actually available here. When FreeSexGames first launched, they had 15 games for you to play – but that was back in September of 2016! Today, the collection is sitting at 32 titles, with a further 5 in development that you can even try demos of! What's great about these porn titles is that they're across a huge expanse of niches and themes. I saw hentai dating simulators, cartoon puzzles, fantasy RPGs and so on. They've even got a few parody titles here, so if you like porn games themed around Red Dead Redemption, Game of Thrones and so on – FSG can deliver. I ended up trying 8 titles in total and the thing that really stood out to me was the graphical quality – stunning stuff. Now for those of you on budget rigs, I should probably mention that you can even run these titles on your PCs with no issues – I tried on my laptop and FreeSexGames was smooth as fuck.

Additional features at FreeSexGames

It's fair to say that Free Games is much more than just a collection of erotic titles: the website itself has a few extra features that I want to touch on before wrapping things up here. The first obvious thing to point toward is the collection of sex videos that they maintain – top quality stuff to say the very least and perfect for any would-be sex gaming addict for when they feel like taking a break. Free Games doesn't allow you to download these to your computer, but they all run in high definition and from what I can tell, there are well over 4,000 of them – what an archive!

Additionally, FreeSexGames has a Discord server for you to access as well as forums if you want to talk shop with other horny gamers. The boards are quite interesting in and of themselves: over 400,000 posts since this place first began and an average of 1,000 new posts on a daily basis: really impressive stuff.

Final thoughts on Free Games

Okay friends – I'm just about done here with my review on Free Games. I think I've covered all of the important points and yeah, the bottom line here is that if you like mature XXX gaming and you want to enjoy more of it, go ahead and create an account. As the title implies, membership costs absolutely nothing and you'll only see a few adverts inside to cover the costs of the operation. I loved my time at FreeSexGames and I'm confident you will too! Remember: you can always come back here to find more stellar suggestions on the hottest hubs for hardcore porn gaming entertainment. Thanks a lot and take care!

Review Pros

  • Great quality games
  • Free to play
  • Large community forums

Review Cons

  • No video downloads
  • Some adverts

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