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Crazy Fake Taxi review

What's going on, gang? If you've come to this page for the purposes of finding information on a great porn game, you might just be in luck. See, my job is to go out there and look at the best destinations around for horny gamers to jerk off to while they're gaming. I've been given the task of looking at Family Sex Simulator today and I must admit, I'm incredibly happy to have been given the task. Question is: will the experience at Crazy Fake Taxi be one that I recommend you try out for yourself? To answer this, I'll have to check it out! Read on for my full thoughts and analysis on Crazy Fake Taxi.

Initial impressions on Crazy Fake Taxi

The process of signing up and logging into Crazy Fake Taxi wasn't all that complicated: since it's free to do so, you'll be in and out in 60 seconds flat. Once you're actually inside the member's area, you'll be prompted to play the game straight away in your browser – no download required. The best way to describe Crazy Fake Taxi is like a tycoon management game with a mixture of dating sim mixed in for good measure. Basically, you'll begin your journey as a broke guy down on his luck with nothing but an old banger of a vehicle to earn some cash with. You download an app to your phone and start to accept rides from people who want to get around the city – not the most complex in terms of plot, but it does get good!

Progression in Crazy Fake Taxi

As you earn money through your driving adventures, you'll be given the ability to upgrade various things, including your car, outfit, service range and so on. You'll also start to notice that a lot of female passengers keep coming back for more, as well as turn conversations a little more sexual when you improve your status. It won't take long and practically every broad in the city will want to give you a blowjob instead of cash as payment. Hell, once you're at the top of the ladder, these girls will pay you for the ride and fuck you for free too! I actually really enjoyed how simple and fun it was to play Crazy Fake Taxi: the sex scenes were quite good too. Note that a classic Western-style cartoon approach has been adopted here: I think it's quite nice to look at.

Conclusion on Crazy Fake Taxi

Well okay then – that's about me done on this review of Crazy Fake Taxi! I'd like to personally thank you for coming to read what I've got to say on this particular project and yeah – I hope your experience with Crazy Fake Taxi is as good as mine was. Remember to sign up sooner rather than later here folks – the game is almost out of beta and once it is, they're probably going to tighten up access and maybe charge people. Either way, Crazy Fake Taxi is a stellar game and one that every horny gamer should try at least once. Thanks for reading – happy squeezing.

Review Pros

  • Easy to play
  • Browser-based gaming
  • Completely bug free

Review Cons

  • Just one game
  • Still in beta

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