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Bangerlands 3 review

Today has to be my lucky day, since I was picked to go ahead and review a porn parody game themed around Borderlands 3. I say I'm lucky – it might just be that no one else who's working on this project has actually finished the campaign! I had such a great time playing Borderlands 3 and I did so with 3 – yes 3 – different charters. Mayhem 3 was no issue for me, plus I managed to get all of the best loot without abusing any exploits! It's fair to say that in the business of porn gaming reviews, I'm well equipped to see whether or not Bangerlands 3 is any good. So, let's get into it, shall we?

First thoughts on Bangerlands 3

When you log into Bangerlands 3, you'll have the ability to either download the game for local play or try it out from your browser. From what the FAQ mentions, the web version of Bangerlands 3 is limited to around 5 hours of content – this isn't a decision they've made to piss people off, it's just pushing the limits of what browsers are capable of supporting. If you're happy to grab a local version, you do have the option of either running it in MacOS or Windows: the choice is yours. Sadly, no Linux support is spoken of, but I don't think too many system administrators out there have the time available to jerk off while monitoring their precious servers.

Bangerlands 3 gameplay reviewed

What really struck me as cool with Bangerlands 3 was the fact that they managed to maintain the original title's artwork to such a high degree of success. I mean, this game actually looks so damn fantastic. Bangerlands 3 has nailed the artist mimicry here and to be frank, that was always going to be the most important thing to judge it on. As for the gameplay – it's stellar and then some. You don't have the range of amazing guns that the original has, but there is combat, a talent tree and all of that other jazz which made Borderlands 3 so fun to begin with. They've also got the ability for you to fuck all of the characters, excluding Claptrap (if you're disappointed about this, you're one sick fuck). You can even run straight to the bar after the tutorial and get a titjob from that whore who's always showing off her jumbo yam yams – king shit of you ask me.

Final thoughts on Bangerlands 3

I wasn't expecting too much from the Bangerlands 3 project, but as far as porn parody games go, this is pretty legit. I did notice one or two bugs, as well as the fact that there's no voice over action, but aside from that, this is the real deal and something I'm more than happy to endorse. Wrapping this puppy up in a convenient fashion, if you're keen to enjoy some Borderlands 3 porn parody gaming entertainment, go right ahead and sign up for a free account right here. Bangerlands 3 will have you cumming over and over again – that much I can guarantee!

Review Pros

  • Terrific art style
  • MacOS and Windows support
  • Full game guide

Review Cons

  • Just one game
  • A few bugs

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